NetZephyr for Airplay, Mac: Coming Soon to Mac App Store

iPad/iPod iOS version coming soon! Keep an eye on the App Store!

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AirPlay Zephyr 
An application that lets you use AppleTVs on networks that don't allow Bonjour.

Who needs AirPlay Zephyr?
  • You're on a corporate, education, or enterprise network that doesn't allow Bonjour
  • You need to connect to an AppleTV on a different subnet than your own, but has an IP address that is still visible from within your network
  • You want the ability to specify the hostname of the AppleTV you need to be visible
    Then you will be able to use AirPlay Zephyr

iPad/iPod iOS version coming soon! Keep an eye on the App Store!

How does it work?
    AirPlay Zephyr tells your Mac there is an AppleTV located at the address you enter into the application. Because AirPlay Zephyr is only indicating where Mac OS MIGHT find an AppleTV, ALL applications that conform to the standard AirPlay protocol will work. However, if you incorrectly enter an IP address or hostname, AirPlay Zephyr will still report to your Mac that the AppleTV is there. 

Step 1) Enter the hostname of your AppleTV
Step 2) In the AirPlay enabled app/option you're trying to use, select the newly created AirPlay device

What if I have questions/problems with AirPlay Zephyr?
    Send all inquiries to .

Neither AirPlay Zephyr, NetZephyr for AirPlay, Empyrean Technologies, LLC or its agents are sponsored by Apple, Inc. in any way.

NetZephyr for Airplay beta.dmg
Ron Jailall,
Dec 7, 2012, 2:10 PM